Name: Capsand Creamery Eiar
Registered: AGS
Born: 17 March 2013
Sire: Snowy Ledge Rocky Bal-Beau-A
  Grand-Sire: NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau +*S
  Grand-Dam: NC PromisedLand RC Sunday Best
Dam: Capsand Creamery Thelma
  Grand-Sire: Old Mountain Farm Mazlin
  Grand-Dam: Old Mountain Farm Ostara
Eiar was the first of our does, purchased from Capsand Creamery.  She used to be quiet and shy.  Since her kids were born, though, she's been good, though sometimes feisty, mamma goat.

Name: Tarp Rock Pebble
Registered: AGS
Born: 21 April 2015
Sire: Sweet Land Levi
  Grand-Sire:  FG God's Love James
  Grand-Dam:  Sugar Moon Kizzy
Dam: Capsand Creamery Eiar
  Grand-Sire: Snowy Ledge Rocky Bal-Beau-A
  Grand-Dam: Capsand Creamery Thelma

Snow-white Pebble is the first doeling born on our farm.  She's our playful little blue-eyed girl.

Name: FeatherNScale Eclipse
Registered: Unregistered
Born: 27 April 2015
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
Dam: Painted Pepper PS Equinox

Eclipse comes to us from Feather and Scale farm in Maine.  She's a beautiful little girl that we're looking forward to raising into a wonderful dairy goat.  She has an incredibly sweet personality, and loves to run and play with our (human) girls.

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