Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wall Finishing Day!

Nearing the corner!
My father-in-law decided last night that today should be the day to finish the barn wall.  We woke up and got moving early so that we could accomplish as much as possible before he needed to leave for church.

The whole family, goats included, pitched in.  In no time at all, we had the barn wall enclosed, the window frames leveled, squared and hung, the tools and scrap cleaned up, and the interior swept of debris.

We're going to wait a bit before putting the glazing in the windows.  While the temperatures have been cooling down, we'd like to keep giving the animals as much airflow as possible until the cold really hits.

Huge thanks to my father-in-law for being the driving force behind the wall construction.  It looks awesome, and the herd will be toasty warm this winter!
Daddy on a ladder.
Fall weather.
Mommy looking coy.
Finished wall.
All cleaned up!
Nice warm interior for the new stall.

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