Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's a Girl!

Eiar poses for the camera.
We have a girl!  Today we made a trip to Grand Isle, VT to pick up the newest member of our herd, a small female Nigerian Dwarf named Eiar.  Eiar comes to us from Capsand Creamery, where she lived with her siblings.

Our plan is to breed Eiar, with hopes of having kidlings and milk for the spring.  This will be something new for us, as we've only had wethers in the past.

Eiar was gentle and calm on the ride home, barely making a sound.  She had no problems with either the kids or adults that we introduced her to.

As my wife led her down to the barn, the boys sat up and took notice.  Our barn suddenly turned into a high-school dance.  The boys started butting each other, trying to show off, but wouldn't go near Eiar.  For her part, she just ignored them as she checked out her new home.

Time to introduce her to the boys.

Look!  A girl!

Is that food?


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