Friday, August 8, 2014

Moving Day!

Kids in a car.
The big day is here!  This afternoon we loaded up goats, cattle panels, fence, fence posts, hay and food, and move our boys from one farm to another.

For those who are wondering, yes, you can fit three Nigerian Dwarfs into the back of a Ford Escape with room to spare, and no, they don't back-seat drive.

Goats and supplies were picked up at my sister's farm by my father-in-law and ourselves.  With everything loaded up, we made the 45 minute trek north to the goats' new home in West Rutland.

Blackberry checking out the new space.
Once at the new location, we let the goats out of the back of my SUV and let them play in the field while we unloaded the fence.  Since there wasn't time to erect the permanent fence, Christy and I unloaded the cattle panels that we use for temporary fencing and placed those next to the barn, giving the boys enough room to run, and plenty of grass to eat while we get more permanent features in place.

Hoover, Blackberry and Strawberry seem to like the new location.  They'll have a lot more grass to eat here, and the barn is bigger than what they've been living in.

More photos of moving day:

Kelen loads Hoover into the back.

Elaina and Daddy mug for the camera.

Strawberry and Hoover are unimpressed.

My Wife's Goats. They'll follow her anywhere.

Gabriella visits with the boys.

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