Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barn Maintenance

Kidding stall?
Today was a nice day to go out and work on the barn.  My main focus was to try to clean up the area next to our finished goat pen, so that in the spring we can use it for either kidding, or just as an extra pen if needed.  That section of the barn has been used for storage of random board and wood bits, though, and it open to the outside, so it's going to take some work.

In the morning, Elaina, clad in PJs, entertained the goats while I cleaned out the wood.  Most of it was rotten and falling apart, but a few boards were still in decent shape.  As seen in the photos, the corner of the barn has some missing pieces, and is open to the outer fence.  We discovered this one day when the goats ate down the bush that was there, then walked out through the openings.  When we discovered the issue, I blocked it off with some plywood, but since we discovered some good boards, I went ahead and made a more permanent fix.  I'd still like to get some barn boards that match the rest of the wall, but this should work fine for the winter.

Little helper.
Open corner.
Enclosed corner.

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