Friday, September 19, 2014

First Frost

Frost in the field.
This morning we woke up to the first frost of the season.  Even our poor duck, Quackers, had his house covered in a very light mist of chilliness.  London, our new duck, sadly flew the coop, literally, the day after we got her, so Quackers is by himself again.

Once things warmed up, it was time to do some more work on the barn.  Above the entrance, the barn boards were left different lengths.  I strung a line across the doorway, leveled it, and started to cut the boards to make an even line, but unfortunately the blade to my jigsaw was too short to cut through both layers.  I'll have to return to it again once I pick up a longer blade.

Once the doorway is cut nicely, we have some old hardware salvaged from another barn that we'll be able to install.  This will allow us to close the barn up against the snow and cold this winter, keeping the goats nice and warm.
Chilled duck.
More barn work.

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