Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Garden Work

Elaina loves her dirt and rocks.
Elaina and I spent a bit of time working some more on the garden retaining wall this afternoon.  The wooden beams that we found around the various barns and sheds on the property are all pretty warped and twisted.  I had hopes that screwing them together, after letting them sit outside in the rain, frost and sun, would help them straighten a bit.

For old wood, what we have hasn't come out looking too bad.  I think, though, that we'll need to buy some good landscaping timbers and redo what we've already done.

Originally my goal was to have the garden base finished before winter, so that it would be ready for us to plant in the spring.  Funding might push the project back for awhile, however.

Cuddles supervises.
Six-inch screws.
Finished for now.

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