Friday, September 5, 2014

Restoring the Garden

Last year my father-in-law built a small set of garden beds for my mother-in-law to use.  Unfortunately after the original planting, the beds were abandoned and left to grow over.  A few days ago I went out and measured the space, which takes up a roughly 15' x 18' plot just behind the house.  With a bit of planning, I found that if I can extend the plot by 8' on one side and 7' on the other side, I could rebuild the garden with a decent number of beds, including one dedicated to climbing plants.

Proposed Garden Plan
After checking with the in-laws to make sure it was okay to expand the garden, I started mulling over ideas.  My plan right now is to create level beds by building a short retaining wall along the lower slop of the existing plot.  First, though, everything needs to be cleaned out.  That was my chore for today.

Existing Beds
Existing Beds
Existing Plot Cleared

While I was clearing the old garden plot, Elaina entertained herself down by the goat pen.  Eiar seems to have settled in nicely, and is now holding her own with the boys.

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