Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Feeder

The boys try out the new feeder.
Not much farm work today.  I did manage to remove the ex-horse feeder from one section of the barn and repurpose it for the goats by hanging in their stall at a lower height.  It definitely works better than the plastic bin that we had hanging there previously.

Other work for the day included general cleaning up around the barn, and fixing some of the barn boards that were lifting away from the exterior.  In the process I managed to get stung by a wasp that lived in one of the multiple nests in the barn eaves, so evening was dedicated to eradicating stingy flying things.  Before winter comes, I'll need to patch the barn in a few more spots to make it warmer for the goats, but it was nice to get even a small section put back in place.

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